The Second generation of the most popular two-player game [Virus Vs. Virus 1]. Three classic games inherit from [Virus Vs. Virus]. Seven refreshing games are designed totally .

Refreshing image of Virus. Support iOS8 and all iPad & iPhone equipment.The soft-body physical system increases the softly vivid visual feeling for virus in the game.


This rich and fascinating game collection continues the Virus Vs. Virus head-to-head action gaming tradition, including familiar classics [Head Hitting] and [Elastic Ball] and adds a ton of exciting new gameplay possibilities [Super Curling], [Sharp Shooter], and [Big Cannon]. The exciting new team mode awaits the most skilled players.


Virus Vs. Virus 2 not only have a stunning new design, but also has fresh new physics that simulate real-time squishing, ground, bouncing and physical deformation on impact, and more, taking the gaming experience to the level.


A diagonal scrolling game selection menu, split-screen scoring, quick score resets and other convenient functions make it so players can stay in the action.